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On Gerald's performances as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:

"It was like Dr. King had literally stood up, got out of his grave and was alive and present in you for that time. What you do comes from another time and place. This is not merely an impression of Dr. King you literally transform and become him."

- Mijan Owens, Vocalist


"I would say it's an impersonation, but it somehow falls short, I mean I think rendition is a good word for it. The speech itself, if you listen to it - and we play it every year on this day, you know it's got that sort of grainy quality and you know it feels far away, what struck me when I heard it in church, is how real it feels and how it feels like it's happening right now."

- Steve Mason, ESPN Radio


"For you sports fans, this is probably a shameless comparison but I must do it. For all the good that these 2 players have represented, all of the good, Michael Jordan, a lot of people consider him the greatest of all time to ever wear basketball shorts and in my opinion if there is somebody that is next in line, he wears number 24 and it's Kobe Bryant. Hearing MLK speeches in the 60's and what I just heard today, rivals that analogy for me. If MLK is MJ, I was next to Kobe today. It's so compelling."

- Jalen Rose, ESPN Radio



"What I just heard, and I swear to God, to me it was him now, that's the man... I can't even breathe right now, thinking, if these are the words that he really said, do you know how starved the world is to hear something that refreshing and that real? I mean I haven't heard anything like that in the last 20 years."

- Sharon from Los Feliz, CA


Such an awesome and life altering service. Dr. King's presence was powerfully felt especially since I never heard his speech spoken in my presence. The timing is by divine appointment for transforming lives. Thank you!!!"

- Agape Live Streamer


"I just briefly wanted to tell you, at 60 years old, that was my generation. I went through JFK, RFK & MLK and it was the most heart-wrenching experiences of my life, and I think most of my generation would agree with that. Just an awful time to go through the murders of those 3 gentlemen and heroes... I came in a little bit after the speech started, and I thought it was the original speech with the crowd noise edited out. It was that good - no I'm serious. I said ‘oh that's interesting you edited out the crowd noise so we could just hear Martin Luther King speak’."

- Solomon, Lake Balboa, CA